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I have been involved in the internet and computers for well over 13 years. My career started as a designer of websites and 3 Dimensional content for Virtual Reality environments. I quickly moved on to hardware and software maintenance, and all of this led to the position I now hold as Administrator for the Outerworlds Networks. The following is a small list of my abilities,

  • Computer design and hardware maintenance
  • Software installation and fine tuning for Windows based programs
  • Server Administration both on-site and remote
  • Email server Administration
  • E-Commerce Design and purchasing techniques
  • Home or Home Office wired/wireless network setup and maintenance
  • Virus removal
  • Backup services
  • 3D Web environment design
  • Website design

These are skills I practice daily and can put all this expertise to work for you with a simple call or email.

I respond to all calls personally and do all the work myself. If your interested in dealing with the same professional on every visit and need someone who will become familiar with your needs and address them, give me a call today!

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